We've made The Cloud simple

Surprisingly simple.

The Cloud that keeps your feet on the ground.

Say “hello” to ACS Cloud Solution, the simple way to keep your business secure and super flexible. We get up every day to make our customers operations slicker, more innovative and more fun.

Nutanix as a Service is a Cloud Service, available through ACS at an easy to manage, fixed cost, monthly. Ensure your entire tech stack and software is up-to-the-second secure with this must-have cloud solution which delivers you enterprise-level security and allows you the peace of mind to move your virtual machines off premises and into our safe, hosted environment.

This is a managed service, meaning you are up and running very quickly without extended onboarding times. It also means you are in control of your spending by enabling you to spread your costs with a simple monthly payment. The sky’s the limit and we are with you every step of the way.

Touch The Cloud. Feel the difference.

We don’t like loose ends. Neither does your business. In today’s environment, your infrastructure can become uncommunicative and siloed. That’s why we have a wonderfully simple solution to get your business away from the nebulous and into The Cloud.

Nutanix is something special amongst cloud services. It is specifically created with speed in mind within a hyper-converged infrastructure and software defined storage.

Post-GDPR, your data is of greater importance than ever before. Most organisations absorb their data from multiple sources resulting in a challenging data mapping environment. Our Cloud Solution allows you to cherry pick the parts you need to create a perfect fit product, something many off the shelf products struggle to deliver. Lower your cost to risk ratio today. How’s that for innovation.

It's just that simple.

Flexible storage for improved efficiency

A simple monthly payment structure

Reduce risks

Save floor space, power and cooling

Move physical machines off premises

Together we can take the heart of your business into the cloud and beyond.

We know you love simplicity.

Our experience with business operations is broad from commercial organisations to public. You all have your unique challenges but equally, there are similarities between your infrastructures and processes but it is the people that infrastructure serves that is where we are different. You’ll notice that straight away, we aim to be more down to earth and approachable because we have day jobs too and so we understand your challenges. That’s why we decided that our cloud service should have the highest levels of support. We will proactively monitor your environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year - we even do the extra leap year day. It is our level of operational insight that drives our solutions which will always feel accurate, innovative and realistic.

Why ACS?

We provide 24x7x365 proactive monitoring

We provide the highest levels of cloud service

We deliver solutions aligned with our clients’ goals

We are intelligence-driven and result orientated

Our customers have rated us 4 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews

About ACS.

When you provide office supplies, IT solutions and managed print services you get a real feel for how an organisation “ticks along”. Over time we have developed an almost sixth sense for our customers needs. We know how much paper you use. We know what your compliance obligations are. Most of all, we understand your challenges and need for flexibility and insight. Our clients range from multi-national corporate and public sector organisations to SMEs, schools and start-ups.

Because we live and breathe your needs, we are told it results in a deeper, more friendly relationship. We certainly feel it and so do our customers, which is why we’ve grown so much since we started in 2008. It is this near symbiotic relationship that helps us deliver innovative approaches and strategies for our customers as we move into an exciting technological future where one thing is certain, change.